Caribbean life-But not as you know it

A place for every mood

Think you’ve seen one Caribbean destination; you’ve seen them all?

Think again.
After all, what difference could a casual 68 km between Cancun and Playa del Carmen make? Or a mere watery stretch of 10km over to Isla Mujeres? 

Casting my mind back to when I first set flip-flops on the youngest state of the Mexican Republic, even an overnight trip to Tulum or a weekend escape to Mahahual was like being transported to a whole new world. Amazingly, and for no apparent reason, each destination within the Mexican Caribbean truly beats to its own drum, and the unique diversities of each spot are becoming more marked over time. The beauty of this, is that a change of pace is never too far away.

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The beauty of this, is that a change of pace is never too far away.
Maybe you feel at home in a high-rise condo heaven, peppered with large-scale lux, visit this website to find more information. Cancun’s hotel zone is more than a little reminiscent of the Miami strip, full of life and surrounded by sparkling waters, whichever way you look it.

Perhaps you are in the mood for a touch of people-watching, as you saunter the length of a (dare I say it?) European-esque pedestrian walkway. The icing on the cake in the heart of Playa del Carmen is that you are never more than a couple of minutes’ walk from golden sands. 

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For taking things down a notch and becoming one with nature, the utterly eco-touristic Tulum will do the trick, with its fusion of chic and bohemian, done with such ease. There again, it didn’t earn its denomination as one of Mexico’s “magical towns” for nothing.

If relaxed simply won’t cut it, then the positively “laid-back” Isla Mujeres might. With no such thing a hurry, and an abundance of golf carts as transport to prove it, the atmosphere on this tiny island is breezy, as is its minute downtown area. Check wunder mold.

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Or it could be that you are looking for a touch of island life at a slightly faster pace. In this case, look no further than world-famous scuba-diving haven of Cozumel, complete with all the amenities required by a cruise ship port-of-call. And these destinations are just the tip of the (tropical) iceberg…

There’s one thing about settling down somewhere new, it’s great to have options. And in the Mexican Caribbean they are endless.

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