We invite you to come to the Riviera Maya and make the most of your trip. Discover our TOP 5 of Cenotes. Visit these wonderful places and fall in love with them!

Cenote azul (Bacalar)

This stunning cenote is located right at the entrance of Bacalar, one of the Riviera Maya’s most beautiful magic towns, 30 minutes from Chetumal, the state’s capital city. 
This place has the mystical beauty of the great cenotes. It is an open cenote with a diameter of approximately 200 meters and a depth of 90 meters. You will enjoy diving into its refreshing waters, looking around and getting amazed by unparalleled views. This spot is a must for expert scuba divers since its depth is a real challenge.

Gran Cenote

This spectacular cenote is an excellent choice to visit if you are in Tulum since it is very close to this destination and happens to be one of Mexico’s favorites and most famous. 
This cenote is perfect for snorkeling, its waters are so pristine and transparent that it is possible to appreciate a great deal of underwater life without having to go any deeper.

Cenote Dos Ojos

Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful and spectacular places in the Yucatan Peninsula, and of the Riviera Maya’s largest underground river systems.  Its name (two eyes) owes to the two sinkholes the site is comprised of. Each of these formations has a diameter of nearly 70 meters and are connected by a 400 meters passageway at 118 meters below ground, which makes it the deepest underground gangway we know of.
In Dos Ojos, you can practice both snorkel and scuba diving, and its extraordinary visibility will allow you to admire different underwater species, as well as natural formations.

Cenote Escondido

One of our favorites. Hidden in the lush and majestic jungle of Tulum and completely surrounded by nature, this site is ideal for swimming and snorkeling; it is simply amazing to dive into its pristine waters. 
Located only 3 km away from Tulum’s south exit, Cenote Escondido is an open sinkhole comprised of a very large, deep pool and a couple of stone cliffs at a height of two to four meters, from which you can jump to the water. The place also features some underwater caves that you can explore. Visit Cenote Escondido and enjoy its breathtaking beauty. 

Cenote Sac Actun

Sac Actún is a system of underground caves, with a total length of 347.7 km. In January 2018, a connection between Sac Actún and Dos Ojos was discovered, making it the world’s largest underground cave system.
Sac Actún is located by the freeway, after Xel-Há, only one km away from Tulum. It is an excellent choice for scuba diving. If you are passionate about adventure, you just shouldn’t miss this place.

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