Tulum is a must-see in Mexico. Located just an hour and a half away from Cancun International Airport, its beautiful beaches, good weather and eco chic atmosphere make this town the perfect place to escape for a few days or forever!


The eco chic concept

Being green is now fashionable. There’s no doubt. The sustainable, renewable, recyclable products, and those that contribute with the environment have taken a higher force.

Before, talking about ecological places was synonymous of very basic, rustic and zero luxury sites. Today this has changed. The eco chic concept has given comfort a new meaning, and Tulum has leaded it to fame!

It is a combination of modernism and the environmental awareness that is becoming increasingly predominant. It is not only about the environmental impact that the products cause, but how they were made, what is the vision of the company that produces it, in short: a social conscience with style.

Eco chic is everything that is natural, non-toxic, that brings with it individual and community well-being. But it is also unique, luxurious and stylish. And this is Tulum.

A rustic luxury

Chilling on Tulum’s beach

The rustic ambience of Tulum doesn’t contrast with luxury. Most hotels have very few rooms. Many use the cabin-rustic style, and their lights usually go out after 11 pm (learn more at karateclasseslosangeles.com). There is no air conditioning or it works only for a few hours,but the cool breeze of the sea is all you need, while a few candles light the room in the most romantic way.

Everything in Tulum follows this concept. The restaurants, for example, are decorated with local ornaments. They offer gourmet dishes prepared with ingredients native to the region, but making the diner feel at home.

In addition, the whole town breathes well-being. Most people who visit Tulum are worried about their health. Therefore, we can find countless places that offer yoga, cleaning packages, intensive physical training courses and even vegan workshops and festivals. Most of the locals ride a bicycle and are passionate about nature.

The eco chic lifestyle

SUP Yoga in Tulum

Worrying about the environment doesn’t mean not having fun, on the contrary. During the day, the idyllic white sand beaches offer a perfect, relaxed atmosphere, with yoga, green smoothies and some hipsters.

The sea is beautiful! Its waves are large and the water has the perfect temperature to swim. It is also an ideal place for kite surfing.

At night, the party comes alive in dozens of bars and restaurants. Whether it’s drinks and oriental dances, a full moon party with super star DJ’s, or dancing under the moon and the stars very close to the Mayan ruins. Tulum has a fun and eclectic mix of evening options with a typical boho chic atmosphere.

Living in Tulum

This Magical Town has one of the most innovative current projects: living in a very eco chic self-sustainable community. If you are concerned about the environment and would like to live causing a minimal ecological impact, Tulum is for you. Here you will find spectacular places and in harmony with the community, nature and construction.


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