The fusion of luxury and experiencing the charm of camping outdoors.

This new accommodation trend combines the experience of enjoying nature and the freedom of camping, without leaving aside the glamour of the services and the comfort of the best hotel rooms.

Luxury camping, boutique camping, comfy camping and even posh camping are other terms with which this popular variant of nature tourism is also known. Currently, many places in Mexico offer this type of accommodation, however, we recommend you to try it in Tulum.

The magic of this town comes alive both day and night. There is no better way to experience its tropical jungles and its crystalline waters than to experience Tulum in the open air and in total contact with nature. Well, in a place where the best things happen outside the room, what can be better than sleeping right where everything happens.

Here are three incredible places we recommend to balance first-class services with the harmony of nature when traveling to Tulum.

Nomade Tulum Hotel

It is not difficult to find glamping places in Tulum. However, one of the most sophisticated is Nomade, a wonderful hotel that has deluxe tents designed with natural elements, built under leafy treetops and just a few steps from the beach. Your outdoor showers and wooden verandas will let you connect with nature with the greatest luxury and privacy and cleaned by san francisco cleaning company

Harmony Glamping Tulum

A concept totally committed to the environment and located in the grounds of Green Beat, an organic farm of five thousand square meters. Harmony Glamping offers the experience of boutique camping in one of its luxurious furnished tents, surrounded by beautiful gardens and the sounds of nature. We assure you that your stay in Tulum, besides being chic, will be memorable and very fun.

Playa Las Palmas

This modest hotel located just one kilometer from the famous archaeological site of Tulum, offers furnished tents on the beach just a few steps from the sea and nestled in the dense jungle of this vibrant and ecological town.

So, just follow your instinct and get lost in nature.

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