Going on a trip requires to cover many aspects in order to enjoy a wonderful vacation. You need to take care of each and every detail: itineraries, time, budget, and you cannot forget the health factor. Unforeseen events can change the course of your stay, so it is important to travel with an insurance. Here are some travel insurance tips that you should not forget before traveling. 

In case your vacation doesn’t go as planned, the insurance you have purchased will save your day.

What is a Travel Insurance?

Only valid for the period of time in which the person is away from home. Travel insurance have different coverages according to the contracted policy and usually cover hospitals outside the country. They are highly recommended as they are specialized in the matter even when they have several restrictions. Since they are not a medical insurance, there are some conditions that they cannot cover.
Due to the nature of the service, it is very common to acquire one without analyzing its characteristics. Here are some useful tips you should know before purchasing a travel insurance. Also, if you buy online, we recommend that you contact only agencies which uses online id verification service for safety reasons, visit mexicaninsurance.com.

Get to know the type of policy

It is very important to know what type of policy you need. Most of the difficulties experienced by patients take place when they arrive to the hospital. It is common to think that presenting your travel insurance card is all you need. Some even believe that there will be nothing else to pay. The reality is that travel insurance coverage is subject to many restrictions. So, it is important that you know that the hospital may take some time analyzing the reports. Not every insurance company make direct payments to the hospitals.

Main reasons a travel insurance reimburse medical care

  • Being hospitalized for less than 24 hours (traveling cases).
  • Not having all the required insurance documentation during medical care.
  • Going to hospitals outside the medical network, in case of international insurance. It may happen that the policy does not have direct coverage abroad or that you did not buy the extra international travel option.

Get to know the most frequent services that insurance companies do not cover

  • Pre-existing diseases where the patient got the condition before acquiring the policy.
  • Waiting time. Many insurers have specific clauses where they do not authorize certain treatments until the contractor reaches a certain time term established by the company.
  • Alcohol, drugs or other substance abuse. In case of an accident, many insurers request an antidoping to confirm if the accident was caused by the use of any narcotics.
  • Being involved in risky activities.


Safe travels!



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