The Riviera Maya is the most important touristic destination Mexico has to offer to the world and is one of the country’s main income and employment sources. From January to November 2018, 7,221,724 tourists arrived at the destination by air, representing a growth with respect to 2017, when we recorded the arrival of 6,958,098 visitors. The state’s economic development during 2018 was of 4.5%, in comparison with the national average of 2.4%, placing us as the third state with the largest growth of loansstream unsecured loans for poor credit

It is right to say that more than 10 million Mexicans make our living out of tourism, either directly or indirectly. This fact leads us to the question: why not investing in the area with the largest touristic potential in the entire country?

One of the best ways to make your savings work is buying an investment property, and the best place to buy it is the Riviera Maya, Mexico’s most important destination, which has become one of the places with the largest potential for Real Estate investments. 

Having a second home in the Caribbean had never been so profitable. Owning a luxury apartment in one of the world’s most exclusive locations not only will open you doors to endless natural wonders, such as pristine beaches, cenotes, tropical islands, and an ancient culture, it also has the potential to generate high investment returns through digital platforms like Airbnb, Booking, Expedia, and many more. 

In addition, the properties in the Riviera Maya are valued in dollars, which means that investing in one of them is a synonym of dollarizing your savings, avoiding the ups and downs of the local currencies caused by uncertainty and speculation and securing your capital. Another benefit of investing in Real Estate is the permanent flow of income of a property that will eventually pass down to your children, protecting their financial life Thus, you can be certain that your family will enjoy both a consolidated economic foundation as well as amazing experiences in paradise. 

On the other hand, Real Estate value does not decrease, as opposed to other kinds of goods.  Property increases its worth as time goes by, with an investment return that is particularly high in developing areas like Tulum, a destination that has been cataloged by the prestigious magazine Forbes as the world’s fifth most important beach. In 2018, Tulum also was the fourth most booked destination to celebrate new year’s eve. 

Taking all these facts into consideration leads us to realize that investing in Real Estate is one of the smartest decisions we can make, and the safest and most profitable place to invest is the Riviera Maya. 

Property Advisor Mexico offers unique projects located in the most exclusive areas of the Riviera Maya, specifically designed to generate high investment returns through vocational rents and capital gain. Contact us to receive customized professional service. 

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