What changes does Playa del Carmen have experienced?

Playa Before 

About 30 years ago, Playa del Carmen was a small coastal town that had only 1,000 inhabitants. The whole place could be covered by bike in 10 minutes and its spectacular deserted beaches seemed to have no end.


In just 10 years it went from 1,000 to 30,000 inhabitants. Today, 20 years later, its population is over 300,000 people plus the floating one.




Due to this accelerated growth, Playa del Carmen has faced a lot of challenges. Not only has it had to keep pace by improving the infrastructure, but also the life quality.


Playa Today

Thus, “Playa”, as locals call it, that extraordinary little town with stunning beaches has now become an extraordinary city with stunning beaches. In addition, a number of gastronomic proposals, bars, nightclubs, shops and outdoor activities have been added. The perfect destination for those who like both the beach calmness and the hustle and bustle of the city.

After the millennium, the increase of new cruises, the arrival of new airlines and the incorporation of new entertainment proposals have made Playa del Carmen one of the favorite tourist destinations for nationals and foreigners alike.

The shopping centers haven’t missed the opportunity. As a result, you can enjoy a varied range of fashion stores with the best national and international brands.

Its relaxed atmosphere allows you to make friends while you walk down the Quinta Avenida. If you go for a walk you will be able to hear different accents -mostly, Argentines and Italians- standing out from the music that is making every place joyful, to find more info visit larsadditions.com. This is because many foreigners have made their home in Playa after spending some time there. Also, you will find people from all over the world mixing with the locals.

This booming city has a lot of things to do. The nightlife is very active and there are many bars and restaurants that offer ocean views and a very relaxed atmosphere. Although electronic parties predominate, you can find all kinds of places. Alternative music, pop, rock, live jazz and salsa, are some of the options you will find . Playa never takes a break neither by day nor by night. There is always something interesting to do or something to see.

As if that were not enough, there are a lot of cultural activities. Music events, shows, festivals and celebrations livens up the tranquility of resting.

In short, this new city hasn’t heard about boredom!

Playa After 

For all this and more, the new Playa del Carmen is the best option to invest. The city is having the perfect time to make your money grow. Real estate is facing a second boom as a result of this accelerated growth and we must take advantage techniques in criminal defense of it!


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