Amongst the world’s best destinations

A survey recently carried out by the digital platform TripAdvisor placed Playa del Carmen in the list of the 25 world’s most attractive cities. This is not surprising since Playa del Carmen encompasses all the qualities any destination needs to become one of the world’s best: the wonderful landscapes that the Mexican Caribbean offers every day, the exotic natural life, and of course, all those places full of magic and mysticism, such as the cenotes, the archeological sites Galeri Miz, and the Mayan towns that still conserve their ancient culture and traditions.

Playa del Carmen was placed in the 17th position of the 25 most popular destinations, above cities like Lisbon, Kathmandu, Hong Kong, Cusco, and Sydney. 

The 25 best destinations according to the “Travelers’ Choice Awards 2019”:

• Londres, Reino Unido
• París, Francia
• Roma, Italia
• Creta, Grecia
• Bali, Indonesia
• Phuket, Tailandia
• Barcelona, España
• Estambul, Turquía
• Marrakech, Marruecos
• Dubai, Emiratos Arabes Unidos
• Praga, República Checa
• Siem Reap, Camboya
• Nueva York, Nueva York
• Jamaica
• Hanoi, Vietnam
• Tokio, Japón
• Playa del Carmen, México
• Lisboa, Portugal
• Katmandú, Nepal
• Jaipur, India
• Hurghada, Egipto
• Hong Kong, China
• Cusco, Perú
• Sydney, Australia
• Tel Aviv, Israel

“Cristina Torres Gómez, major of the municipality of Solidaridad, assured us that one of the main elements that make Playa del Carmen remain as a favorite destination for travelers is the quality and hospitality of service, as well as its natural beauties and parks.”

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