Enjoy a rainforest environment surrounded by new and unusual experiences for all your senses. A new way of living consciously!

Imagine having breakfast contemplating a magnificent sunrise; experience the first sunrays sneaking through the foliage of a dense jungle while the song of a hundred different species gives you good morning.

Now imagine this scenario every day.

We have already left much of our lives among steel jungles. We have given our peace to our stressful jobs and we have forgotten about nature… our human nature.

It’s time to reinvent ourselves

Living within the innovative concept of a self-sustainable ecological community where you can carry out a harmonious relationship between the human being, architecture and our nature is, without a doubt, a new way of living consciously.

This unparalleled experience will allow you to understand the world from another point of view. Understanding its simple and complex logic will allow you to enter into close contact with nature. To know, value and learn about the wonderful biodiversity will lead you to a more sustainable lifestyle without quitting the comfort you are used to.

Living, enjoying and understanding nature in a totally immersive way gives you the opportunity to elevate your spirituality to an unknown level.

Getting to know our wildlife

So, how can you aspire to know nature if you do not wake up, bathe, walk and sleep with it?

The experience of living in the Mayan jungle brings with it new and unusual activities such as:

  • Conscious walks. Hikes and tours through an extensive trail network where you can appreciate the most diverse and intricate vegetation. You will also be able to feel the extraordinary fauna, although it will remain silent on your way through.

Some of the most beautiful and magnificent creatures of this continent are found in the Mayan jungle. Some seem taken out from a fairy tale due to their strange physical characteristics and their timid behavior. Sometimes they are rarely observed although we know they live there. This is the case of the Tepezcuinte (Agouti paca), one of the more than 125 species of mammals that inhabit the Yucatan Peninsula.

  • Feel the bird spirit. Mexico has the highest rank in the diversity of reptiles, the second in mammals, and tenth in birds. Statistically speaking, this geographic area has 10% of the world’s species.

The Mayan jungle is the habitat or passage of a large number of resident, migratory, aquatic and terrestrial birds. Some of these include the brown pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis), the frigate (Fregata magnifiscens) and various herons (white heron, Egreta sp.). You can also spot raptors like the black hawk (Buteogallus Anthracinus), the osprey (Pandion haeliatus), the leaden kite (Ictinea Plumbea) and the black-headed vulture (move in cleaning services Atlanta).

  • Cool yourself off in sacred cenotes. This corner of America has a charismatic geology that offers the possibility of appreciating ancestral spectacles. This show is reflected through caves, underground rivers, Jurassic fossils and crystalline water springs that don’t seem to be real.

Due to its geological composition, the soil of the Yucatan Peninsula is a kind of sponge. So, when it rains, it absorbs all the moisture. The water that is filtered begins to dissolve giving way to caverns that may be partially or totally flooded, check out http://boofurniture.com. When these collapse due to erosion, the cenotes are formed. This process can last hundreds of thousands of years and these natural swimming pools are practically exclusive to the peninsula.

  • Visit the indigenous communities and experience the ancestral rituals. In addition to helping preserve the environment, living in the jungle will give you the opportunity to do social work. Join sustainable projects to integrate even more with local communities. Benefit them and promote empathy and conscious activity.

Imagine doing one of these excursions by night. The shiny stars will guide you while you follow the sounds of the thick jungle. Finish these hike with a good swim in a sacred cenote under the moonlight, check swipe n clean. If these places could talk, certainly they would tell unforgettable stories of those who have dared to live the experience.

Be part of the commitment to build and live with the smallest ecological footprint.

Be part of a new way of ecological life: the communities of the future.

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