Nowadays, being sustainable is not a choice. We only have 12 years ahead to stop climate change; otherwise, life as we know it will disappear.

There are lots of changes we can make in our daily routine, such as recycling, making our own compost, walking more instead of driving our car, reduce the use of plastics, and a long list. However, of all the actions we can take, the most effective is changing what we eat and choose a plant-based diet. This type of diet not only improves your health and helps you prevent degenerative illnesses, it also helps you to contribute to stopping the animal food industry, which not only is cruel with the animals it commercializes but also is a black hole for natural resources that have made us transform our planet, so we can keep up with an unsustainable diet. 

Unfortunately, most of us grew up eating a diet based on animal products, and we don’t know how to make the transition or what we can eat to replace the foods we have been eating throughout our life. Today, there are restaurants that offer products based on vegetables, which not only are delicious but also are plenty of the nutrients we need to live. 

Here are our five favorite vegan restaurants in the Mayan Riviera:

La Senda Vegana

This restaurant has a privileged location in Playa del Carmen: right on the 10th avenue, between 10th and 12th streets, only steps away from the famous 5th avenue and the beach. The entire menu is plant-based, healthy and incredibly delicious. The place offers breakfasts like vegan chilaquiles or fruit bowls, to lentil hamburgers and vegan pozole and tamales. Our recommendation: pasta bolognese. 

The Pitted Date

Located on CTM avenue, a block away from Coco Beach. This amazing restaurant features a very modern design and gives a new twist to vegan food with its brunch concept. If you are new to this diet or miss your old dishes, visit The Pitted Date and enjoy its incredible veganized options. Our recommendation: Breakfast Panini.


Located in the 30th avenue, between Constituyentes and 20th north in Playa del Carmen. This restaurant offers lots of very healthy vegan dishes. If you visit it you cannot miss their famous pizzas and hamburgers. Our recommendation: Pizza Lik.  

Mango y Chile 

Located in Bacalar’s 3rd avenue, with a spectacular view to the Lagoon of Bacalar and the Fort of Bacalar. Mango y Chile offers 100% vegan hamburgers, tacos, smoothies, and desserts. All the options of the menu are delicious and satisfying. I promise you will return to Mango y Chile every time you visit Bacalar. Our recommendation: Classic Hamburger. Check bluesprucemaids.

Raw Love

There is nothing better than enjoying a vegan meal in front of one of the Riviera Maya’s most beautiful beaches in Tulum. Raw Love is a vegan-raw food restaurant located in Ahau hotel. Enjoy a delicious smoothie bowl and a salad, along with delicious desserts in the jungle, in front of the turquoise sea of Tulum. Our recommendation: Very Berry Bowl. 

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