Welcome to Instagrammers favorite place in Mexico

1. Azulik

The most famous hotel in town. A gorgeous oasis nestled in the Mayan jungle. Our eyes cannot believe that such a hotel can be real. Its otherworldly wooden bridges and rooms on the treetops are totally worth to be photographed. The Azulik phenomenon is such that in the hotel’s own Instagram account you can find the world’s most renowned bloggers posing for their best pics.

If you are not staying in Azulik, you can still visit any of its restaurants, bars, or clothing store, as well as the art gallery installed in this Instagram jewel.

2. Archeological site

The Mayan ruins that give the destination its name are located only a 20 minutes bike ride away from the city. This archeological site comprises the Mayan history with the best views to Tulum beaches.

3. Coco Tulum

Welcome to the peaceful white paradise. This hotel is the perfect place to stop to have lunch or a drink, and its interior design is incredibly photogenic.

Upon your arrival, you will find a dream in every corner to capture for your Instagram as you sit on a swing while enjoying a drink. You can be certain that Coco Tulum will be one of the top spots of your trip.

4. Casa Malca

The emblematic boutique hotel that once belonged to the drug trafficker Pablo Escobar. Casa Malca is an unreal property that features a collection of contemporary art that you will love to capture.

5. Cenote Dos Ojos

There are more than 7,000 cenotes (underground caves with pools and rivers of pristine water) in the Yucatan Peninsula. These natural formations once were worship places for the Mayans, and today, they are ideal for snorkeling, scuba diving, and of course, to take amazing pictures in a surrounding that you will not find anywhere else.

6. Matcha Mamma

From the moment you look for hashtags related to Tulum, you will find out that Matcha Mamma is one of the community’s favorite spots. This site is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, away from the hustle and bustle of the beaches and has the most beautiful swings to enjoy delicious Acai bowls and fresh smoothies served in coconut bowls or homemade jelly jars are worth to be on your Instagram.

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