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Three reasons why more and more Mexicans are choosing Tulum to buy property

Surrounded by undeveloped jungle and natural beauties, the Riviera Maya has become a focus of attention for Mexican investors who wish generate income in an international eco-chic paradise.

Finding the balance between the sophisticated and hippie style is difficult, however, Tulum has managed to create an atmosphere of bohemian luxury like no other destination. This city went from being a small coastal town to being a gem of real estate investment in just ten years.

Today, this destination named Magical Town in 2015, attracts and captivates visitors from all over the world, which has generated the highest growth rates in Mexico, and has become the ideal retreat for both nationals and foreigners.

In addition, Mexicans who have chosen to acquire property in Tulum have three powerful reasons in common, here they are:

1. A relaxed atmosphere

There are few things in which Mexicans agree, one of them is that we have learned to live a stressful life and, although today it is part of our daily routine, we do not want to live like that anymore! 75% of Mexican workers suffer from burnout syndrome, and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), Mexico has the first place in occupational stress in the world.

This burnout causes negative effects on health and even productivity, and the people who suffer it have realized this. Thus, it is not surprising that they have chosen Tulum as an escape route. This city with a strong alternative concept and an identity of wellness and environmental conservation invites you to take a new lifestyle in which yoga practice, ecotourism, nature, cycling and wellness culture is the most important.

Although it has plenty of services, bars, and gourmet restaurants, tranquility is what defines the city. In Tulum calm is all around. Unlike the other tourist cities of the Caribbean, the only noise you will hear is the whisper of the trees and the singing of the birds. A prefect break away from the hustle and bustle!

2. Perfect timing

Almost a decade ago Tulum managed to obtain its municipal autonomy, which is why the government has been forced to improve its infrastructure and create more public spaces. This has made it even more attractive and, therefore, it is time to make a secure purchase to guarantee a return on investment (ROI) that goes from eight to 14 percent per year, depending on the real estate.

Much of Tulum’s territory has protected areas in order to preserve the ecosystem of the region, which is why urban development is strongly restricted. To obtain the best investment benefits, this is the right time to acquire land or property smartly, and we Mexicans know it.

 3. Status

Who are we trying to fool? Living in Tulum is chic. So, this sustainable destination makes us feel unique and special. Not everyone has the opportunity to be part of this paradise, which also forces us to be a member of a community committed to the planet preservation, one of the best trends in the world.

Buying in a city where such a natural luxury is in the air is quite something. The world fashion elite has already arrived in Tulum and, year after year, the unparalleled beauty of the jungle that surrounds the city and its epic white sand beaches attract celebrities, designers and models from all over the world.

Tulum is the perfect balance between sophistication and a sustainable and natural lifestyle.

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